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Outsourced Chief Information Officer (CIO)

We Are Your Virtual Chief Information Officer

You have been very fortunate. Your computer systems and IT team are operating in sync, with your technology infrastructure up and running. Enter a virus. Enter your key employee suddenly leaving the company. What now? You need a Kokua Kamana Enehana, Hawaiian for “Ruler of Technology,” otherwise known as the company Chief Information Officer (CIO).

While many companies have the budget to hire a Chief Information Officer, unless you are a large multi-national organization, you likely can’t justify employing a senior expert to oversee the employees, hardware and software that keeps your business running. That is until “something” happens and you realize you are at risk of not running business-as-usual.

The Benefits of an Outsourced CIO

Imagine having access to the top technical minds – every day – without having to pay a salary and benefits. Kokua’s Outsourced CIO service provides just this solution. We place one of our senior Tech Kahunas in charge of your business’s technology in Mt. Laurel, NJ. Need to upgrade or purchase other key pieces of technology? Your Kokua Outsourced CIO can handle the process by sourcing and reviewing proposals, talking tech with the sales people, making recommendations to you, and installing the new systems and processes. Your Kokua Outsourced CIO can help you determine whether or not you really need to migrate to a different platform, or whether or not the cloud makes sense versus having onsite servers.

The Kokua Outsourced CIO Process

When you hire Kokua to serve as your outsourced CIO, we have a proven process to integrate seamlessly into your company:

Technology Assessment – First we walk you through a comprehensive IT assessment to determine how your systems are working (or not) together, and to gain a big picture of your organization’s technical infrastructure.

Technology Plan – Your Kokua Outsourced CIO, in concert with you, the owner and CEO, will develop a proactive plan to ensure your business keeps up with the technology necessary to drive profits and ROI.

Technology Implementation – Your Kokua Outsourced CIO will work with you and your company on an ongoing basis. Will we be down the hall? Nope. But you also won’t be paying the overhead of employing this valuable resource. Every day we will be there for you as your senior most technical advisor. We will help you hire the right people for your team, manage those people, and report to you on a regular basis on updates and enhancements made to your technology.

Bottom line? This is a relationship we build with you, not a transaction. Our commitment is focused solely on leveraging the best technologies to help you grow in New Jersey.

Frequently Asked Questions

We are proven to work in your best interest in Mt. Laurel, New Jersey. It is what is right and what is fair. Our testimonials show that relationships matter. Our services are priced fairly and are scalable depending upon the size of your business venture.

It’s a good idea for companies to have an advocate; someone in their corner that understands technology and makes recommendations not based upon their profit margin. It is also critical that you have someone managing your technology, so you can focus on what you do best: growing your business.

Representative Experience

Type of Client: Restaurant

Client’s Issue: Deciding on which software to purchase and install

Kokua Solution Sit in on the presentations and review the pros and cons of each vendor solution, helping the client select the right software for their operations.

Result: Happy restaurant

Type of Client: Dental Practice

Client’s Issue: There was a need to help this practice decide upon which new digital x-ray hardware and software to purchase and where to save and easily access the images.

Kokua Solution We sat in on the presentations and reviewed the pros and cons of each proposal, helping the practice make the right choice on its software.

Result: Dental practice is more efficient and has increased number of patients due to newer technology.

Type of Client: Law Firm

Client’s Issue: This law firm had multiple locations with extremely slow connections.

Kokua Solution Kokua’s Outsourced CIO reviewed various options including where the hardware was kept, what the Internet speeds were, what the routing and priority was.

Result: Helped client make the right choice, install the solution, and experience a more streamlined and efficient practice.

Do You Need Help Now?

Contact us today to talk with one of our Tech Kahunas in Mt. Laurel, NJ. We will listen to your situation and make recommendations to ensure your systems are safe from disaster.