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Virtual CIO

Let us run your IT department for you. You focus on your business and we’ll focus on the technology supporting it

Managed IT Services

Imagine a world where you don’t need to worry about computer maintenance. We handle it for you. That world is here

Residential & Hourly

There is flexibility in working from home. Let us help you create a secure system and fix your computer problems

Email Spam Filtering

Use our tool to eliminate 99.5% of your spam, and protect your computers from phishing scams, viruses, and ransom ware

Backup & Disaster Recovery

Having a backup solution in place is essential to keeping your business up and running, and preventing loss of important data

IT Recruiting

Looking to find the right unique talent to fill an open IT position? We will help find the right candidate for your team

Aloha! Welcome to Kokua

Whether you have a large team of people supported by a data center, a small office with a few computers,  or just a personal laptop computer and smartphone, Kokua Technologies in Mt. Laurel, New Jersey supports the systems that you need to run your business. We install, configure, maintain, and troubleshoot (a.k.a. Help): Desktop, Laptop and Workstation Computers; Server Hardware and Operating Systems; Software Applications; Mobile Devices; Hardware Peripherals (Printers, Routers, etc.); and Computer Networks at Multiple Locations.

Welcome to Kokua Technologies - Custom IT Solutions

Do You Hear That?

That’s the rhythm of your computer system. With our monitoring software, Kokua Drumbeat, we can hear that rhythm too. Kokua Drumbeat connects your system to our network where we can monitor your computer, or computers, for hardware and software problems. It tracks application failures, hard drive health, out of date or missing anti-malware software, available updates to the operating system, incorrect security settings, blacklisted software installations, and much more.

Managed IT Services | Kokua Technologies

Managed IT Services

We work with business customers from between 1 and 100 employees. We have experience in many types of businesses, organizations and institutions and service customers in the Mt. Laurel & greater Philadelphia area, including New Jersey, Delaware, and Pennsylvania.

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