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IT Recruiting New Jersey

IT Recruiting and Position Fulfillment

Kokua Kanaka (Hawaiian for People)

Are you looking for just the right person in your IT department? You may not know it, but Kokua has considerable experience in IT recruiting New Jersey. We call our recruiting service, Kokua Kanaka, which is Hawaiian for “people”. We are here to help you augment your IT team with that missing link you need to ensure a smooth and efficient IT department.

As a boutique shop, we have the capability to help you recruit for any role. From Chief Information Officers to Computer Support Specialists in Berlin, NJ, we are here for you. We have had success filling high-level executive, administrative, and financial positions. Our clients value the 20+ years of experience we bring in talent acquisition and human capital management.

Finding You the Right Kanaka

At Kokua Technologies, we have a process we use to ensure we match the right people to meet your needs. Our process involves:

We manage the entire process for you, seamlessly. Upon making an offer, Kokua will then conduct a background check if one is required. Our success rate is extremely high because of the care we use to first understand your company and its culture, before bringing forward a short slate of ideal candidates.

Why our IT Recruiting Process is Different

We like to think we have a different and streamlined process for finding the IT professionals you need. It is unique because we charge hourly, not on a percentage of the new hire’s annual salary. We have also been in technology for a long time and have a database of qualified IT professionals from which to source.

Kokua is a relationship-based company, and we acknowledge that human beings are the most unstable commodity in the workplace. Yet, we know your business depends on the people you have in key positions. From our systems and processes, to our pricing, we believe our recruiting approach is different – better than other recruiting solutions. We will be fair and honest as we help you hire the people you need, without the enormous price tag that generally comes with a recruiting firm.

Do you need to find the ideal candidate for your open position? Contact us today. We’re here to help.