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Work From Home Professionals Vulnerable To Cybercrime

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More people than ever before are now switching to a work from home lifestyle. In response to the global pandemic, employees and business owners have worked hard over the past 12 months, transforming their homes into mini workspaces, enabling them to take advantage of flexible working hours and the comfort of home.

While this might seem like a new and modern alternative to the typical 9 to 5 office environment, Jeff Platt, CEO of Kokua Technologies, voices his concerns regarding cybercrime, data security, and vulnerable work from home professionals.

Outsource IT to protect work from home employees


Work From Home & Data Security Concerns

According to a report by Cybersecurity Ventures, cybercrime is expected to reach $6 trillion this year, and increase to $10.5 trillion in the next four years. Now add a global pandemic and widespread disruption to business, and this figure could significantly increase. Many companies are still not taking online security seriously and failing to bring in a professional cybersecurity team, such as Kokua Technologies, means putting your entire company, employees, and customer data at risk!

Before the pandemic, Kokua took on projects worth 1.2 million dollars, helping companies take advantage of cloud-based technology, streamlining and optimizing their processes and systems. Yet, with an influx of professionals now leading a work from home lifestyle, Jeff explains just how in-demand external IT services are becoming.

The problem is, so many employees are so blissfully unaware of how vulnerable they are online, Jeff explains. Using a shared network at home with their partner and children, employees and business owners instantly put their entire company at risk.

Sharing a network at home with different members of your family, and using different devices, means should anyone become a target for cybercrime, or any device become hacked, all machines and users will instantly be extremely vulnerable. A virus can quickly infiltrate any device using the same network. So if you’re catching up on work emails on your smartphone, while the kids are also browsing online via a tablet device, this poses a massive security risk.

Online criminals no longer need to target business professionals to carry out a data security attack; they simply need to convince a child, watching a YouTube video, to click onto a fake link and enter their email address to download a free gift, for example. Once they have the email account details of one member on the shared network, they can start infiltrating the other users, sending emails from the child’s account to the parents. This builds trust that the email is genuine, making it far easier to convince another user to share their personal information, email address, password, or click on a file or link.

So to resolve this cybersecurity concern for parents working from home, Kokua offers an innovative device to change the IP address scheme within the home. By splitting the bandwidth, so that kids have access to 25% and busy parents 75%, you can minimize risk by restricting who has access to the network you’re using for business purposes.

IT Security Solutions

Outsource IT to protect work from home employees

To reduce your risk of being a victim of cybercrime, businesses must invest in their online security. Jeff typically suggests a two-step approach for work from home professionals and business owners.

1: Separate the shared network by allocating different IP addresses and splitting the network between work from home parents, kids, and guests. This will significantly minimize the cybercrime risk.

2: Another way to combat this issue is to access your work computer virtually via a cloud-based system. This method also means your home computer doesn’t need to be brand new or fast in order for you to work from home. All you need it to do is access and connect to an online cloud-based platform. Now, if your computer at home becomes a victim of a cyber attack, online criminals won’t be able to access your business files or customer information instantly.

At Kokua Technologies, Jeff is passionate about empowering businesses and individuals when it comes to data security. Another frustrating issue many people experience, Jeff explains, is related directly to passwords. Unfortunately, the only way to protect yourself and your business against cybercrime is to use complex, long character passwords that you change and update regularly. Our IT experts at Kokua Technologies can also help you set up two-factor authentication to double up your online security.

Top Tip: Jeff explains how he often advises his clients to save specific password reminders as fake contacts in their phones, revealing a secret phrase or clue as a reminder of a certain password.

The Importance Of Outsourcing IT Services

Outsource IT to protect work from home employees

Jeff Platt, CEO of Kokua Technologies, explains how outsourcing IT professionals can safeguard online businesses:

At Kokua Technologies, we understand how frustrating, annoying, and daunting IT issues can be. Not to mention when you suffer a data security breach or entire systems go down! Time is money, and the longer your business is suffering due to an IT issue, the more money you’re losing as a business. Having our team by your side will give you the confidence and peace of mind that should anything go wrong, we’ll be ready to put things right!

As an MSP, we will help support your unique business goals by ensuring that technology applications and infrastructure are protected. Our team will monitor your business’s network to protect applications and ensure all data is healthy and secure. MSPs can fix business problems before they become an issue.

Unlike some companies, we don’t talk down to our clients or attempt to overcomplicate IT problems. We strongly believe in being a transparent, ethical business and making our clients feel empowered and not overwhelmed. Our prices start from $25 a month per PC so that both small start-ups and international companies can take advantage of high-quality IT services. Receive a monthly report on the health of your systems, feel secure online with anti-spyware and antivirus software, and always be one step ahead of cybercrime!

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