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Drumbeat: Preventative Maintenance

Desktop & Laptop Monitoring for Your Home & Business

The Perfect Solution for Your Business & Home-Based Workstations

A recent Gallup survey noted that 43% of employed Americans spend time working remotely from home offices. At Kokua Technologies, we know it is equally important for your home computing area to work seamlessly, as it is for your work computer to do so. For just $30 per month, our Drumbeat solution includes:

We Help Keep Your Server Up and Running

If you have a server at your business or at home, we can maintain it. For $60 per month you can work with us to maintain your server operating system and to take care of the following preventative maintenance tasks:

Please note that any work on your desktop, laptop or service operating system that is not specifically described above will be billed at our standard hourly rates and requires your permission in advance. For example, if we detect a problem with your hard disk and recommend replacing the drive, we will review all of your options with you. If you agree with our recommendations and ask us to do this work, the hourly time required, and the cost of the hardware will be billed separately according to our standard billing rates. But know – our rates are fair and reasonable. In fact, if it takes us 15 minutes to perform a task, you will only be billed only for that time. Most technology services companies will not do this, but it is our mission to treat you as we would like to be treated!