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Email Spam Filtering New Jersey

Kokua SPF - Spam Filtering for Your Inbox

Kokua SPF is a managed email filter which monitors and controls all your inbound email traffic. Inbound email filtering involves scanning messages from the Internet addressed to all users protected by the filtering system. With Kokua SPF, you will receive protection against email-borne viruses with up to 5 antivirus scanning engines screening your messages before your email ever enters your inbox. SPF uses advanced spam-blocking technology with a spam capture rate of over 99% along with content filtering which helps you avoid accidental or malicious data leaks in New Jersey.

How Kokua SPF Protects your Inbox from Malicious SPAM

Frequently Asked Questions

Your firm’s email is first routed to our SPF spam filtering system. All virus emails and spam are removed. Emails from specific foreign countries known to be spammers are removed. Blacklisted email servers are blocked. The clean email is then safely delivered to your inbox. Having a smaller flow of email traffic means you will have more bandwidth and storage capacity for company-critical information.

When 100 emails are delivered, even if they are in the SPAM folder, it still takes up space and time to remove them. There is a chance that someone will open an infected email. That’s bad for business.

If you are receiving unfiltered email, you or someone on your team could inadvertently open a virus. In addition, the large number of garbage emails takes up space on the server and causes a slowdown in indexing and searching. Sorting through your SPAM emails is simply a waste of your time. Operations will be slower and less efficient. Worst case, a virus is opened, and your operations will grind to a halt. Attorneys and other professionals who charge by the hour do NOT want down time. Doctors needing to check patient records do NOT want a slowdown. Dentists needing to know who is next in the chair do NOT want their calendar unavailable.

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