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Managed IT Services

Custom Tailored IT Solutions

Kokua Technologies does not believe in a “one size fits all” for all businesses when it comes to providing Managed IT Services and approaches each client with unique solutions custom tailored to them, and their budget. Whether your a small business or a enterprise level company with 100+ employees, we make sure that your business’s technology operates smoothly and securely so you can concentrate on what matters most… running your business.

We're Your Outsourced Technology Solution

Outsourcing a Chief Information Officer is a cost-effective way of having experts like Kokua Technologies oversee your company’s entire technological infrastructure, making sure that issues such as viruses and security vulnerabilities are mitigated quickly and effectively, or making sure upgrades to software and equipment are completed with little to no downtime, ensuring that your business operations are not disrupted.

The Ultimate Solution for Your Hardware & Software Maintenance

Kokua Drumbeat allows us to connect with your network remotely so that we can monitor and track everything from application failures, hard drive health, out of date or missing anti-malware software, available updates to the operating system, and so much more.


Drumbeat focuses on doing the preventative maintenance for your desktop, laptop & server operating systems, which allows us to fix and resolve many issues remotely without interrupting your work.

Drumbeat Remote

Includes everything in Drumbeat, but expands with antivirus/anti-malware software licensing, as well as remote support to resolve the day-to-day technical support needs for your business.

Seamlessly Integrate with Your Work Computer Remotely & Securely

With teleworking & telecommuting becoming increasingly popular, it is important that you are able to seamlessly transition from your workplace and your home office while having access to all of your files & data securely. Kokua Technologies can help setup and configure your network on-site for you so you can continue to work without all of the stress.

Keep Your Inbox Free From Malicious SPAM

With Kokua SPF, clients receive protection against email-borne viruses with up to 5 antivirus scanning engines. SPF uses advanced spam-blocking technology with a spam capture rate of over 99% along with content filtering which helps protect your company from accidental or malicious data leaks.

Protect Your Infrastructure with a Backup & Disaster Recovery Plan

Kokua Technologies can protect your entire business’s infrastructure with a server that mirrors the other servers in your environment with backups running every 15 minutes, and can act as a temporary replacement in case one of your critical servers goes down. This helps keep your business running while we troubleshoot the issue that caused the server to go offline and propose a solution that fits your needs.