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We are proud to go above and beyond to not only address what our clients are asking for, but to stay one step ahead of their needs. Our clients can relax and manage the real mission of their business, while we take care of the back end. Whether it’s getting out of crisis mode, installing a new server, dealing with any kind of tech transition, or signing up for managed IT services, we can help. We’re serving a whole host of businesses in New Jersey, Philadelphia, and Florida with their IT needs. Kokua Technologies clients enjoy preventative maintenance, IT consulting and support, and backup and recovery solutions. We’ve also prepared many happy clients for the future with our cloud-based solutions and new, engaging websites.

But don’t take our word for it. Hear directly from our valued clients on how we created a happy ending for their IT stories.

While Jeff handles my personal IT business needs, we had an “emergency” in my 90-year-old fathers mind. He uses his computer, I-pad and e-book on a daily basis. Dad’s computer crashed on a Friday around 11 am. I called Jeff and he was in an appointment so I left a message and called his office. Stephanie understood that
Dad was serious about how important this was to him. With the Techs in the field handling “real” emergencies, Stephanie was still able to have a Tech come to Dad’s house to repair the computer at 3 pm. It sure sounded wonderful to me, except that Dad goes to dinner at 4 pm. I was unsure that would be enough time for the Tech
to fix whatever the problem was, so I scheduled it for 8:30 am on Monday. When Jeff called me back, I explained that it was not an emergency and that we were scheduled for Monday. Jeff said, “give me the address, I am on my way”!! Needless to say, Dad was thrilled and loved Jeff. Jeff spent hours cleaning up his old computer and getting rid of programs that he accidentally downloaded. Who does that, Jeff does!! He is a business owner you can count on to help when you have an IT need. He has the expertise and his pricing is beyond fair, billing in 10-minute increments. I would highly recommend you spend some time with Jeff. You will be amazed.Lauren FloundersFushion Employer Services, LLCDownload Full Testimonial

Steve Wooton and his assistant wired our new suite and later relocated our switches and related computer equipment for our move. They reconnected our computers/printers/phones/fax machines/tv in our new location. I am very impressed with his professionalism, skill and ability. He communicated what was needed, agreed to an action plan and schedule, and implemented it flawlessly.Mary WeinsteinMaster Weinstein Moyer, P.C.Download Full Testimonial

We have really struggled with complications from faulty networks and previous other people doing things wrong! Thank you so much for always solving our problems quickly and easily, as affordably as possible. Jeff DrozenGaspar Insurance Services EastDownload Full Testimonial

I was never so happy to pay an invoice as this one. John was literally a life-saver. OK, not literally, but almost. He came over right away and saved my computer!!! I am so grateful. He was amazing. Thanks for your continued great service.Karen ZimmermanZimmerman Associates
Qualitative Research Consulting

This letter is to convey our deep appreciation for Kokua Technologies and especially your technician Stephen Romberger. Stephen has been our go-to technician for many years and this letter is long-overdue! His expertise and speedy response time for issues (most that cause us to panic) is outstanding. His calm demeanor and knowledge makes him an asset you should be proud of. We are looking forward to many more years working with your company and Stephen.Ora L. Wooster, III, CFSPOra L. Wooster Funeral Home

I was very concerned about loss of critical patient data and potential disruption to my practice during the transition from the old system to the new system. Everyone at Kokua, from the owners of the company to the (Tech Kahunas), was there every step of the way. They truly understood my needs…so that there was no disruption to patient care. Dr. Andrew R. Samuel, D.M.D. Advanced Periodontics and Dental Implants, LLC Download Full Testimonial

They helped us transition from our in-house MS Exchange Server to Office365. Kokua Technologies orchestrated the transition over the weekend and came (on site) the following week to setup all devices to make sure email was setup properly. I was very impressed with the work they did; the entire transition was so seamless. Leo Park, Information Resources Assistance Greater New Jersey Annual Conference Download Full Testimonial

From a new server install to reloading an OS, Kokua technicians have exhibited an in depth knowledge of current technology needs and an understanding of our systems and infrastructure. Kokua removes the burden of managing your IT needs in house so you can run your business. Ryan Weeks, Director of Operations  Sparkling Pool Services, Inc. Download Full Testimonial

We were is crisis mode…I do not know what would have happened if Kokua Technologies had not come to our rescue. We were in a potentially business ending situation, and they helped us to turn it around and have been with us every step of the way since then. Walter P. Harris, Jr. M.D., President/Owner Rittenhouse Eye Associates Download Full Testimonial

Each and every Kokua staff member we have worked with has gone above and beyond to fulfill our IT needs, and for that we are truly grateful. You have successfully embodied the helpful spirit suggested in your name. Suzanne Farrell  Accent Dermatology Download Full Testimonial

It’s so difficult to find a technology company you can trust. Every day I am thankful I found Kokua Technologies. The honesty and integrity shown by every Tech Kahuna I’ve spoken with is inspiring. I don’t know technology and have to trust my IT resource to recommend the right things to me. I have never been steered wrong by Kokua. I refer them to everyone I know! Terrie Wheeler, MBC, FounderProfessional Services Marketing, LLC

I work with Kokua in my business. They manage all of our technology. Thankfully, they also make house calls! The Tech Kahunas at Kokua were able to come out to my house and fix a problem that prevented me from being able to tap into my work computers from home. What’s most amazing is that my problems were not hardware or software related, there were just a few settings that needed to be changed. The visit lasted 30 minutes, and that’s exactly what I was billed for. Amazing! John Alexander, Business Executive