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Preventative Maintenance

Kokua will take the Stress out of Preventative Maintenance

How do we do this? Through our Kokua Hana’ia Enehana service Mt. Laurel, NJ, which means manager of technology in Hawaiian. Did you hear that? Listen. It’s the rhythm of your computer system. With our computer monitoring software, Kokua Drumbeat, we can hear that rhythm too.

The Ultimate Solution for your Hardware and Software Maintenance

With your consent, Kokua Drumbeat can “talk” to your computer, where we can monitor for hardware and software updates, download them and install them. We’re there working in the background. You won’t even know we’re here, except for the fact that you won’t have to worry about maintaining and updating the systems that keep you and your business or home office moving ahead. If your system hiccups, Drumbeat automatically creates a ticket in our system. The ticket goes directly to our Tech Kahunas in Mt. Laurel, New Jersey. Your issue is then triaged based on urgency, and fixed automatically under Drumbeat Remote

There are two levels of Drumbeat that start at just $30 per month per computer:

Frequently Asked Questions

All clients. Our very basic Drumbeat package allows you to rest easy knowing your systems are being monitored, 24/7/365. For only $25 per PC per month, you will automatically receive Anti-Virus, Anti-Spyware, and approved Windows Updates. If your computer hiccups, a ticket is automatically created in our system. Our Tech Kahuna’s will follow up with you right away and begin working on the fix – whatever it is.

Maybe you are frustrated because your computer is slow, or reboots when you are working on something important. Kokua Technologies Mt. Laurel, New Jersey is here to help you. If it’s a technical problem, we have will have the solution. Because we are constantly monitoring your system, we spot issues before you even know there is a problem. You will have less downtime, greater efficiency, and far less frustration.

Whether it’s your personal laptop, or an enterprise with hundreds of computers, we add our software agent to all of your computers. We are then able to directly communicate with your system, which allows us to receive an overall health report of your computer or network. That’s where we start. From there we identify and repair any issues we find. It’s rather remarkable what we can do remotely these days.

Kokua in Hawaiian means help. We are helpful first. Every one of our technology solutions is creatively developed to solve your specific technology challenges. There are no cookie-cutter solutions here. We develop a program uniquely tailored for you. Most IT firms will require you pay a fixed “maintenance fee” each month whether you use it or not. That’s not how we roll. If you need additional services from Kokua, we provide them at a fair hourly rate. In addition, we have no minimum payments. If it takes us 10 minutes to fix your problem, you will only be billed for 10 minutes. We don’t know of anyone else in the industry who fairly charges for their time and bills you only for the time you need for us to fix your problem. Never underestimate the speed with which our Tech Kahuna’s in New Jersey can work.

We are fair and honest. In our techy world, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by what you don’t understand. We make sure you understand everything – well not everything – just what is relevant for you to know. We are a lot more than Tech Kahunas. We consult with you on what matters to you including how best to leverage technology to grow your business or just to make your life easier.

A system that is maintained has less problems and less downtime. Quite simply, you will be more productive and more profitable.

Software not patched can lead to exposure. Hardware not maintained can lead to downtime.

We have a conversation with you that includes the cost benefit analysis of each option. We do not lock you into long-term contracts. If you want to change your service from Drumbeat Remote to our base Mt. Laurel Drumbeat solution, we can do this for you. Every decision we make is in your best interest. We will be the first to let you know if there is a more cost-effective option for you.

Representative Experience

Type of Client: Retail

Client's Issue: Multiple locations accessing a single database for the Point-of-Sale software. The internet would go out during a transaction and the database would corrupt causing a slowdown at all stores.

Kokua Solution Move the store’s computers and its server to the cloud.

Result: Once the stores and the server were virtualized in the cloud, they were contiguous. When one store’s internet would go out, the transaction would stay intact, and not affect any other stores. When the internet came back up, the store would reconnect to the very transaction they were processing. The other stores never saw a slowdown again!

Type of Client: Publishing

Client's Issue: 11 servers nearing end-of-life.

Kokua Solution The two options were to purchase 11 new servers and cut over, or virtualize the servers in the cloud. The purchase would have been a significant capital expenditure involving depreciation. The cloud option made the servers a deductible business expense. The additional challenge was that this company shuts down only 72 hours per year. They are a 24/7 shop that is closed three days a year. Those days are not in the same week either!

Result: Kokua replicated the 11 servers in the cloud to within 20 percent completion while the business ran. In the 24 hours we were allotted to succeed, we finished the cut-over, changed all the IP addresses and tested all of the equipment. WIN!

Type of Client: Law Firm

Client's Issue: Virus took down the server and multiple PCs.

Kokua Solution Since the client had our Backup and Disaster Recovery server, we shut down their internet, rolled the server back to 15 minutes before the infection and they were back in business

Result: Business continuity is essential. What could have been a disaster turned into a minor blip.