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Residential IT Support Mt. Laurel, New Jersey

Kokua Hale (Hawaiian for Home)

We don’t just work with you in your business. We know how important it is for you to be able to work from home as often as you can. For that reason, our services reach out to your home office too. For that reason, we offer Kokua Hale, which means, “home” in Hawaiian. We will come out to your home and set your computer up to seamlessly connect with your work computer, allowing you the ability to do your job as successfully as you do in the office, but from the comfort of your home. In most cases, we will set you up with our Drumbeat Basic service, which allows us, for $25 per month, to take care of all the preventative maintenance on your desktop or laptop, and to fix any issues remotely without interrupting your work.

But what if you need us on-site? We’re there for you! Kokua Tech Kahunas are portable. We will come to your house and fix any problem you are having including hardware, software, or connecting to your LAN, WAN, Virtual Personal Network, or accessing your work through a wireless network. What really differentiates us from other technology firms is that we have a standard, lower residential hourly rate, and the fact that we have no minimums. If our work takes 30 minutes, you will only be billed for that time. Our Kokua Tech Kahunas are the best and brightest in Mt. Laurel, New Jersey. They will have you up and running in no time.

At Kokua Technologies, we want you to focus on what you do best, and let us handle the technology needs you have in your home office.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have a flat residential hourly fee of $95 per hour. If your problem is software-related, you will only be charged for the time it takes us to fix it. If, for example, you need a new hard drive in your computer, we will quote a price for the hardware and installation, and you can determine if you wish to proceed.

Absolutely! As a residential customer, it is highly likely we have you on our Drumbeat Basic program. If so, we have the ability to deliver our services remotely. We chat with you on the phone, and while you are watching, we access your computer and fix any problems.

We use the same level of security as you would expect if you do online banking, or transact business online using a credit card. When our Tech Kahunas access your computer, you are watching while we explain everything we are doing to fix your problem.

Representative Experience

Type of Client: Business Executive

Client's Issue: Client needed to ensure her computer met her company standards for security so she could work from home.

Kokua Solution A Kokua Tech Kahuna visited the client at her home. Following the employer requirements, Kokua set up the client’s computer to comply with all corporate requirements for home computers. Kokua helped to create a Virtual Personal Network (VPN), an extremely secure connection to her work computer.

Result: Client can now work from home two days per week, while having seamless access to her work computer while meeting all security guidelines her company had.

Type of Client: Business Owner

Client's Issue: The client runs a retail chain with multiple locations. Without being at one of the locations, the client was unable to tap into the main computer system after hours because of network issues he faced.

Kokua Solution Not only were our Tech Kahunas able to provide secure access to his from his computer systems, Kokua was able to provide a cloud-based networking solution that successfully tied all eight retail locations together on one secure network that he could access anywhere from any device.

Result: Cloud-based computing not only helped our client securely connect to his work network, but also allowed all eight locations to securely store their information and sensitive customer data securely, off site.

Type of Client: Marketing Firm

Client's Issue: This client operates a successful, international business from her home office. One day the client opened her inbox and found literally thousands of SPAM emails choking her inbox.

Kokua Solution She called the Tech Kahunas at Kokua and they were able to immediately (and remotely) install SPF, Kokua’s spam filtering product, not just in her inbox, but on all 35 email accounts she provides for her resources through her Exchange server.

Result: The client no longer needs to worry about SPAM emails, and is able to deliver her services much more efficiently.

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